Medullary Breast Cancer

Medullary Breast CancerMedullary breast cancer is ine of the rarest types which is associated with the adverse effect of mutation function of the gene BRCA1.It is primarily Invasive in nature. Medullary breast cancer is more commonly found among people who tend to carry these genetic-mutation factors. Unlike the other cancers, it creates a distinct border between the affected cells and the normal cells surrounding it. This is the greatest aid for the surgeons to clearly find out the existence of the cancer-cells. The name Medullary comes from its early findings. The experts felt the growth similar to that of the Medulla portion of the human brain which is soft and sensitive.

It starts from the root of the milk-duct and starts spreading to the other cells. They also exhibit the triple-negative-characteristics. They remain invisible to tests which are based on estrogen-receptors, progesterone-receptors and Her2/neu. It requires a unique type of combinational-therapy for its cure. The initial symptoms may not be very clearly identifiable, but with progressive time, it definitely shows itself in the form of a small 2-cm size soft lump. The known methods of diagnosis are mammography and ultra-sound testing. But the most effective one is the visual examination.

  • When examined under high-precision microscopes, they can be seen as a clearly marked-boundary with the other healthy-cells. These cells remain a separate entity and do not enter into other cells
  • They form a sheet-like layer. They are not as aggressive as the other cancer-cells which penetrate into the other healthy-cells.
  • The symptoms also are revealed by the presence excess of a protein named p-53 in the body
  • The most effective biopsy-method is called the Sentinel-lymph-node-biopsy. This uses a high-sensitive and advanced method which can determine the stage and type of the cancer-cell growth accurately. But this method has been proved to have negative impacts on the patients who suffer from Melanoma in addition to the Medullary-breast-cancer

The treatment methods are determined largely by the type of cancer-cells, the tumor-grade, hormone-receptor status and the HER2-status. The normal treatment methods recommended are chemo or radiation therapy, because the concentration areas of these cancer-cells are usually marked and limited to a limited region. It would be best for the patient to develop a detailed plan-of-treatment with her physician before the beginning of treatment. The starting procedure could be a simple-surgery which physically removes the tumor/cancer-cells. The amount of cell-removal and effective replacement methods can be best decided by the physician at the time of examination.

The next stage is Chemotherapy, which involves administering of anti-cancer medicaments either in the form of tablets or directly into the blood-stream.

The alternate method in this stage is the radiation-therapy. High energy radiations are targeted on the areas affected by cancer. The treatment cures the entire region of the tumor by destroying the cells from the root-level.
Once the surgery and therapy are complete, the patient is put under periodical check-up. Meanwhile she is administered healing medications for removing the side-effects of surgery and therapy continuously.

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